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One Stop Shop (OSS)

Investors, entrepreneurs and merchants, please, welcome to our company to enjoy with OSS.

Are you looking for complex solution of your investment, entrepreneurship and merchant activities? We offer One Stop Shop (OSS) service option for you to solve any business related issues. You don't need to deal with several entities or look for several consultants' services. You provide us with your business case and we offer most optimal business solution.  Any commercial and business issues will be solved in a customized manner and in addition, to support your business, we offer special service-Local Commercial Agent (LCA) - we serve as your eyes and ears in Uzbek market.


OSS is not only directly related to business activities; any foreigner or local can contact for help. We can meet the foreigner from the air port, find optimal shelter, advice what kind of businesses to do, how and where to invest, register business entity, carry all related activities: recruitment, accounting and finance, document management, find place for office, commercial place for manufacturing and warehouse purposes, and other business related activities. 


To invest in any market you need information, assistance, help and promotion; you find complex solution, Commerce Bay LLC offers solutions to all of them!

Commerce Bay offers following primary services but not limited with them:

  1. Business due diligence
  2. Formation, M&A, Liquidation of legal entities
  3. Marketing and Business development
  4. Accounting and financial consulting
  5. Import and export activities
  6. Auctions of vehicles - heavy, special and other types
  7. Local Commercial Agent services
  8. Energy efficiency consulting 
  9. Real estate agency services
  10. Law related services
  11. Risk management and analysis

Confidentiality, ethical and individual approach are our main principle in any commercial and business relations and transactions.

We serve both local and foreign clients and offer them always customized best options.

Business case scenarios for both Residents and Non-residents:

Simple Scenario 1

A residence of Uzbekistan plans to establish a textile company to manufacture different types of wears



A person

Commerce Bay LLC


Have idea or desire but not clear plan

Consult, assist and promote business plan


No idea where to locate manufacturing

Finds outlet


No office or sales outlet

Finds office or sales outlet


No idea where to get materials

Conducts marketing research and finds optimal suppliers


No idea on labour market

Consults and solves the problem


Have ready products but could not export

Offers complex services for export


No idea what to do with accounting and finance issues

Offers accounting and finance services


No idea how to run business legally

Offers complex services on law related issues


No idea how to deal with re-organization, M&A or liquidation

Offers complex services


Don't know how to attract foreign investment

Offers complex services


Simple Scenario 2

Non-residence (foreign) person plans to invest into Uzbek market



Foreign Investor

Commerce Bay LLC


No idea on Uzbek market

Offers marketing research


No idea how to invest

Offers investment mechanisms


Do not know legal issues

Offers drafting investment and arbitration agreements,


Do not know targeted business object

Offers business Due diligence


Do not know how to control its business and interests

Offers Local Commercial Agent (LCA) services i.e. real time business scanning and reporting to him


Do not how to import and export

Offers complex services


Do not know how to convert your currency

Helps you legal execution