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Local Commercial Agent (LCA)

Your company or any of your valuable specialists does not have to be in Uzbekistan; all your staff can be based in your company and country.  Instead you rely on Commerce Bay LLC in each business known as “Local Commercial Agent” (LCA) to serve as your eyes and ears on the ground.

The LCA works closely with your team to evaluate and monitor activities before, during and after the implementation of any business projects. Typically, these would include:

The exact work to be carried out in each business/investment projects is established in an agreed workplan which is decided between your company and the LCA.

While LCAs are an important part of your fiduciary arrangements, it is important to understand that they do not act on behalf of your company. They do not represent your views and they do not make decisions regarding business/investment projects. There are also a number of activities that Local Commercial Agents cannot undertake with regard to the business/investment projects that they oversee, such as:

At your request, the Local Commercial Agent provides independent assessment and verification services through risk-based approaches and methods at various stages of the business/investment projects lifecycle: