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Business Consulting

Clients benefit from tailored business solutions such as One Stop Shop (OSS) and Local Commercial Agent (LCA) 



One Stop Shop (OSS) – a full range of business solutions from research and analysis of the market till capacity building and market penetration. Clients benefit from our OSS solution and find answers for their questions for establishing firm or entering Uzbek market.   Marketing, finance, accounting, legal, HR and other organizational and business related aspects are covered in OSS solution.

Local Commercial Agent (LCA) – Investors care about their capital and they want that invested capital is used effectively by local partners and management. Commerce Bay offer special solution - LCA to be your eyes and ears in Uzbekistan, as fiduciary conduct On Site Data Verifications (OSDV) to evaluate and monitor activities and business performance of entities and business on behalf of clients. Periodically conduct visiting sites to verify results and data quality provided to investors. At Client’s request, the Local Commercial Agent provides independent assessment and verification services through risk-based approaches and methods at various stages of the business/investment projects lifecycle.